May 312017

Ένα εξαιρετικό άρθρο από τη Θάλεια Δραγώνα και την Άννη Βασιλείου για την ιστορία των Δ.Ε.Ν. (Δημιουργικά Εργαστήρια Νέων) στη Θράκη.

The magic almond tree that could make wishes come true.

Educational activism across the divide: empowering youths and their communities

Thalia Dragonas & Anni Vassiliou

This paper tells the story of the Creative Youth Workshops (CYWs), a social space for youths, members of the minority/Muslim and the majority/Christian society, in jointly constructing alternative possibilities of living positively together in the conflict-ridden social environment of Thrace, a North Eastern Greek province bordering Bulgaria and Turkey. The CYWs constitute a sub-project within the overall frame of a comprehensive intervention inside and outside the classroom, called ‘Education of Muslim Minority Children’.