Sep 112021

Lily Vassiliou, Boris Sopko, Eva Sanchez

Friday, September 17 to Sunday, September 20

Online & In-person in Barcelona, in English with translation in Castilian

No prior knowledge of Processwork needed

In the seminar days:

• We will reflect on our socialization and work with our traumas around making mistakes.

• We will explore making mistakes as a way to access emerging unexpected and creative processes.

• We will look at what we have considered being mistakes in our lives from a broader perspective to explore them as a meaningful expression of our life path.

• In our group work, we will explore the basic roles in the social field formed around the theme of making mistakes, using sound and movement.

• On Sunday we will focus on worldwork, applying the theme of the seminar to the social issues of racism, white body supremacy, white centrality. To do this, we will work in subgroups:

• Participants with racialised bodies will work on connecting with their sense of inner power and using their inner wisdom to help them deal with difficult scenes they face in their everyday life. They will then map their inner and outer resources and support, and reflect on how these could be made even stronger.

• Participants with white bodies will work on their inner experiences when the issue of racism comes to the foreground. We will reflect on ingrained racist attitudes and beliefs, and the effect of these on our behaviour and feelings, as well as the consequences that our behaviour and feelings have for people with racialised bodies.

• We will then work on practising taking a risk to make a mistake and intervening in a scene that entails structural racism, white body supremacy, and white centrality.

• In the end, we will have time as a large group for reflection on the experience of the seminar and closure.

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