Sep 242017

Worldwork and Deep Democracy: Conflict in Large Groups

7-9 Δεκεμβρίου 2017 — Αμβούργο, Γερμανία

Συντονιστές Σεμιναρίου: Αλεξάνδρα Βασιλείου, Ph.D. & Lukas Hohler, M.A.

Το σεμινάριο διοργανώνεται σε συνεργασία με το Hamburg Initiative or Practical Integration.

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Worldwork and Deep Democracy: Conflict in Large Groups

Aims of the seminar
Deep Democracy and Worldwork are terms that describe methods, attitudes and skills to facilitate group process in various contexts. They emerged out of Process Work (also know as Process-oriented Psychology) and are being used all over the world to facilitate social fields of tension, stake-holder dialogues as well as to resolve conflict and steering meetings and discussions.
AIMS: To become aware of the signals and the atmospheres of groups; Getting to know group conflict and group dynamics on various levels; Explore how to approach and deal with conflict in large groups
CONTENT: Recognizing power dynamics in interpersonal and group relationships and the way they effect communication; Power and rank; How to identify and work with rank differences; The psychology of marginalization and its effect on personal experience and behavior in groups; How to address and facilitate diversity in groups.

The theoretical content will be put to practice through working in diads and small groups. The facilitation techniques will be practiced in large group process with the group present.

Place, registration and cost
Seminar Place: Hamburg. Detailed Information will follow as you sign up.
Cost: EUR 450, Early Bird (before 15.10.2017): EUR 380
Sliding scale for eastern and southern countries or tough economic conditions on request.
Registration and further information: